The 2016 Genesys Developer Summit took place September 7th-8th in Toronto Canada.

Presentations are currently available.  Video links will be made available once we have processed the feeds, so check back soon.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Opening: AppFoundry & DevFoundry (content)

General Session 1: Genesys Web Services Fundamentals (content)

General Session 2: Genesys Digital Application Fundamentals (content)

General Session 3: Genesys Designer Fundamentals (content)

General Session 4: Wiki Documentation Cloud and Premise (content)


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Workshop 1a:  Workspace Web Fundamentals (content)

Workshop 1b:  Genesys Callback Fundamentals (content)

Workshop 1c:  Genesys Interaction Recording Fundamentals (content)

Workshop 2a:  Genesys Web Services Adapters Fundamentals (content)

Workshop 2b:  Web Engagement Fundamentals

Workshop 2c: Genesys & Security (content)

Workshop 3a:  Workspace Web Custom Integrations (content)

Workshop 3b:  Creating an End-to-End Web/Mobile Consumer Application (content)

Workshop 4a:  Creating Apps with Genesys Web Services API (content)

Workshop 4b:  Genesys & Cassandra (content)